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champagne brut lionel girard
brut champagne lionel girard


Blend: 100% Meunier including 50% reserve wines aged in Solera in stainless steel vats (more than 10 years).

Dosage: 10 g per liter

Champagne with a pale yellow robe, this traditional brut begins with a fairly discreet nose composed of fleshy and juicy yellow fruits from the orchard (Mirabelle plum, fresh apricot). Very slightly honeyed. The mouth is ample and generous, we find the greediness suggested on the nose by the fruity aromas.

Ideal as an aperitif, the brut tradition accompanies you during all your festive moments.


Blend: 100% Meunier including 15% red wine

Dosage: 10 gr per liter

This rosé champagne has a salmon-pink color with copper reflections, beginning with a gourmet nose. There are indeed notes of strawberry jam in a cauldron, sweet spices and roasted pineapple. The palate is also full of delicacy, here the fruit is more crunchy and the miller gives this rosé a real personality allowing it to accompany both an aperitif and dishes such as a fillet of duck or cooking combining sweet and savory.

Champagne rosé Lionel Girard
Champagne origine extra-brut Lionel Girard


Blend: 100% Meunier including 50% reserve wines aged in Solera in stainless steel vats (more than 10 years)

Dosage: 3 g per liter

To the eye, the wine is golden yellow. On the nose, we find a fruity expression, quite intense, on dried yellow fruits (dried apricots, quince paste) and subtle notes of brioche. It is the expression of fulfilled Meunier grapes. The palate confirms the aromatic register, both round and fresh, very ethereal. Its saline finish gives it a remarkable length allowing it to go perfectly with seafood or snacked fish.


Blend: 25% Meunier 25% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay from a single harvest.

Dosage: 8 gr per liter

With a pale yellow color, this champagne shows discreet and subtle notes of white orchard fruits (pear) and wildflowers on the nose. The mouth is fleshy and rich. We find the tension conferred by the chardonnay and the intensity brought by the pinot noir.

This blended champagne will accompany you throughout the meal, especially with white meats (poultry in sauce, for example).

Champagne Prestige Lionel Girard

Champagne balade en mer

Single-plot cuvée from the Fleury la Rivière region aged in barrels

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Blend: 60% Meunier 40% Pinot Noir vintage 2015

Dosage: 6 gr per liter

Pale gold wine, the expressive nose first opens with vanilla and then pastry (Paris-Brest) and dried fruit (hazelnut) notes. The mouth is rich and powerful. Rather discreet on the nose, subtle vanilla, woody and slightly toasted notes appear on the palate.

Its power and character will allow it to be paired with hard cheeses (comté aged 18 months).

champagne cambium 2015 lionel girard

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